Eagle Creek Vision, Inc. was established in 2004 to build strong families and a successful national infrastructure by building successful people.

Do you want to make a difference in the world?

We believe that everyone has something to offer and we are passionate about helping people find their voice and use it for good. We provide education and training so that people can learn how to lead effectively and make an impact in their world.

Our programs, both domestic and international, are designed to give people the opportunity to learn from experienced leaders, gain hands-on experience, and develop personal growth by sharing with others on short-term domestic and international trips. You’ll be able to explore new cultures, make lasting relationships, and develop skills that will help you succeed wherever you go in any arena of life!

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Do you want to see your community and other countries transformed?

Eagle Creek Vision is a nonprofit organization that facilitates character, ethics, and values development training through seminars, conferences, and one-on-one dialog. We believe that transformation of society and nations begins with the individual.

Currently, we work with community leaders in the West African country of Nigeria.

We are positioned to work with state government officials, business leaders, religious leaders, youth leaders, and members of the international community to bring about change. Join us as we work together to facilitate transformation in our communities and countries.

We invite you to become one of our fans, but more importantly to become a supporter of our efforts to make a difference around the world.

The 40 Principles

Self Government




4 guides for Self-Government, Productivity, Management, and Leadership

Our focus is presenting 40 Principles that are core Ethics and Values based on life choices that lead an individual into living a example of a person of success who is hard working, dependable, a person of integrity. These Principles are presented in a “Roundtable” format, which unlike typical lecture-based workshops and conferences, instead involve each individual in a reading and discussion of each life Principle. People are asked to consider each Principle and evaluate its value to their life and then self-evaluate as to the level of practice that Principle has in their own person life.

These are times when Nigerian governmental agencies, the Federal Police Force commands, national prisons, National Youth Services Corp, colleges and universities, state and federal court systems, hospitals, as well as, churches of all denominations are calling our Eagle Creek Vision office in Kaduna, Nigeria, asking to be trained in the business format that consists of 40 Principles that we call, Guiding Principles for Success (GPS). We train small groups of 10 – 20 participants but we also have trained larger groups of 1,200 and now, 5,000 participants.


In early 2018, the National Youth Services Corp (NYSC) of Nasarawa State called and asked us to train their entire camp of students, plus their camp staff or 5,000 participants. NYSC consists of Nigeria’s top 10% of the best college and technical school graduates from all parts of Nigeria (annually) and is like what the Peace Corp use to be in that these graduates are placed back into the local communities to receive hands-on training in the field of their college, university, and technical studies.


At the time of the call, we only had 500 Self-Government training manuals so we had to become creative, dividing the students into representative groups of those with career goals of (1) government (attorneys/legislators/police/highway patrol/immigration/customs); (2) business; (3) education; (4) media; (5) arts/entertainment/sports; (6) family / family services (medicine/dentistry/psychology); (7) religion (Pastoral leadership and yes, even Muslim leadership, an Imam) and included the camp staff at the forefront. The remaining 4,500 will be addressed in subsequent training sessions at the camp.

These types of training numbers are increasing as Eagle Creek Vision is receiving increased recognition and promotion by those having received the training. After training our first Nigerian Police College of over 1,500 police recruits and college staff, ECV was asked to consider training the police recruits in all four Nigerian Police Colleges or 50,000 recruits over the next five years.

The opportunities can seem overwhelming, but we remind ourselves, that our assignment is to Transform Nations, One Person at a Time. It is possible!

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